Valentine’s Day Fast Approaching

San Valentino di Terni  – the 3rd Century Roman Saint – is associated with the medieval concept of courtly love – often demonstrated by nobles and knights who performed brave and chivalrous acts in order to win the approval of their ladylove.

Centuries later:  Nothing much has changed!   On St Valentine’s Day  lovers and couples celebrate their devotion to each other with tokens of esteem.  Happily these days that does not involve the slaying of dragons and suchlike; much simpler to pop into D J Massey and pick out something sparkly!

Danish Jewellery Designer Georg Jensen offer a range of love heart shaped pendants in sterling silver – perfect for such an occasion- with prices starting at just £125.00.  One design features 2 equal sized hearts which slide together to form a single heart-ideal for the romantically inclined.

For an extra special treat; why not browse our extensive range of diamond set eternity rings? – a symbol of unending love and commitment between two people – a hugely popular choice for this time of the year.

Deakin and Francis  have introduced new sterling silver cuff link designs for 2018 featuring love hearts, two peas in a pod and many other individual novelty designs – come and take a look!