Watch Buying Guide

At D. J. Massey & Son we have the knowledge and experience to help you in making the right choices when it comes to purchasing a new watch.

At D. J. Massey & Son we have a close team of valuers who have expert knowledge of the secondhand jewellery market. We know that a watch is much more than just a timepiece; it is an expression of your personality. It needs to be fashionable and functional, stylish and suitable to your needs. This guide aims to provide you with a few helpful hints to help you make the right purchase for you.



The most common material for watches is stainless steel, as it is a lower cost option and it won’t tarnish or discolour, guaranteeing you longevity on your purchase without the expense.

Precious metals such as platinum, gold and silver can also be used. Silver or gold plating is also an option, as well as rose gold plating, which has become extremely fashionable in recent years.

There are also more modern material options such as ceramic, resin or titanium, all of which have become increasingly more popular choices due their durability and unique appearance.


There are 3 different types of watch movement: mechanical, automatic or quartz.

There is much debate over which guarantees the most accuracy, but really it comes down to personal preference and what is most important to you when it comes to battery life, accuracy and longevity.

Mechanical movements have moving parts that need to be wound up, either manually or automatically – these days they are mostly made to wind up automatically. They usually require servicing on average every 3-5 years in order to retain accuracy.

Quartz technology is probably the most commonly used in modern watch design. A quartz watch uses an electronic oscillator regulated by a quartz crystal to keep accurate time. They will require a battery replacement from time to time – we also offer this service in-store.



Watched generally fall into two style categories: the strap and the bracelet.

Straps come in a variety of materials, such as plastic, leather or fabric. Bracelets are usually made up of metal links, which can be added or removed to make sure you get the perfect size. We can do this for you in-store so give us a call or drop by the shop for more information. Contact us.

The style of watch you choose will depend very much upon when and where it is intended to be worn. If you want something for everyday use, you might go for a more traditional design – something that will never go out of style. If you are looking for something that is more of an accessory, you might choose to go for a designer brand – something high fashion and stylish. Or you might be looking for something more high-tech and functional, in which case a sports watch with more features might be the right choice for you.