Novelty Act

Cuff links make the perfect present for gents and as the festive season approaches; here at D J Massey we stock a very broad ranging selection.

From the classic oval chain cuff links in sterling silver or gold, we also Designer collections from Georg Jensen, antique rose gold, diamond set as well as a very diverse range of hand enameled silver designs by Birmingham based Deakin & Francis.

These come in all shapes and sizes meaning you are bound to find something to suit that special person who is hard to shop for.  We have all kinds of animals from hermit crabs to gorillas; some even have gem set eyes or moving parts such as our pigs and koi carp.  There are sports related themes such as snowboarding, skittles and rugby, musical instruments including drums, bass guitar and grand pianos.

For the person who has everything – we offer really quirky pieces like deep sea divers, chili peppers, gnomes – even gas masks and sweeties!  All this in addition to Deakin and Francis’ trademark skull design which we carry in at least ten different variations.  There are even penguins and Santas for the ‘Humbugs’ out there!

All are supplied ready gift boxed and we will gift wrap for you at no charge – we welcome you to come and browse!


Sparkle, Fire & Brilliance

What makes a Diamond so sparkly?

What people refer to as ‘sparkle’ is a phenomenon produced by light passing through a diamond  – ‘Brilliance’ or brightness is due to white light being reflected back to the viewer and  Dispersion is where light splits into spectral colours – an effect known as ‘Fire’.  Diamonds act like miniature prisms and the quality of the cut  – perfect proportions, symmetry and polish all combine to maximize this desirable attribute, evident in the ever popular ’round brilliant cut’ which gives optimum ‘sparkle’

At D J Massey we stock a wide range of these classic cut diamonds as Solitaire engagement rings set in solid Platinum settings.  Our most competitively priced rings with stones ranging between a quarter carat to a third; start from only £995.00  – the majority are offered with independent certification .  We offer a free of charge ring cleaning to our customers, insurance valuation services and also substantive discounts when you return to purchase wedding bands – at D. J Massey you know you’re getting the best value for money and also the peace of mind of a dependable quality local after-sales service.

Wedded Bliss

Once the ‘Big Day’ is all over one of the most enduring memories from your wedding will be the rings you and your partner thoughtfully selected together -something permanent to mark your commitment that you will wear and treasure forever.

At D J Massey we have one of the largest selections of wedding bands in the North West. We specialize in platinum and diamond set wedding bands in all precious metals.  Trends for brides are for fine bands set with small twinkling diamonds and Rose Gold is a popular choice this year with prices starting at just £495.00 for 18ct gold.  Other styles available include grain set diamonds which offer a more vintage look, Russian wedding bands  – a trio of rings affixed together; either plain or diamond set in yellow/rose and white gold, and shaped wedding rings designed to fit perfectly with engagement rings in crossover or cluster designs.

With over 90% of grooms opting to wear a wedding ring these days; at D J Massey we have a very extensive range of gents’ Designer wedding bands in fused metals or with highly individual finishes – some even like a Rolex Jubilee watch bracelet and one  – for Strictly fans – like a shiny mirrorball!  We also offer a timeless range of classic plain bands in platinum, gold and palladium which can be polished or satin finished to order.  For those looking for something different; Georg Jensen’s Fusion range with its unique interlocking design is a striking and very individual option.

Many couples these days like to personalize their rings with messages engraved inside or the date of their special day  – all you need to do is decide on the motto and we do the rest.  At D J Massey our after sales service means we will maintain your rings over the years at no further cost to you to keep them looking tip top – just like the day you bought them!

There’s Gold in them there drawers!

We all open drawers from time to time and think: ‘Oh I’d forgotten I even had that!’  With gold commanding such superb rates at present; now is the perfect time to have a clear out and transform unwanted items of jewellery, broken or worn pieces, single earrings, gold coins etc into handy cash!  We are also especially interested in purchasing quality brand watches, unusual antiques or curios.  We can pay you cash in hand or via bank transfer instantly and you won’t lose out on any pricey commissions!  Appraisal for sale is completely free of charge and involves no obligation to sell.  Our private apartment is available if you prefer some discretion.

Who’s a pretty birdie?

Images of birds have been portrayed throughout history and often carried symbolic meaning : in Ancient Egypt the vulture headed Goddess Nekhebet was associated with femininity and maternal protection.

Owls represented wisdom and knowledge in  Ancient Greece with the Goddess Athena who was accompanied by a little owl.   This association is mirrored in Roman History with the cult of Minerva seen in relics found at the Roman Baths in Bath.

Birds have always held a fascination for mankind as they have the enviable ability to freely roam the earth and are considered to have a closer proximity to Heaven.

In Victorian times many symbolic motifs appeared in jewellery and birds were no exception – swallows; who famously mate for life; represent eternal love were a very popular motif for brooches and necklaces, owls for wisdom and guidance – even mystery and magic, doves for maternal devotion and sacrifice, pelicans too had religious significance.

Birds feature among top jewellery design houses with Cartier’s Flamingo brooch – a vintage piece recently aired on the Hollywood catwalk, Boucheron’s diamond encrusted swan rings and Graff’s multicoloured diamond Peacock brooch – birds constantly serve to inspire modern day jewellers with their appealing natural forms.


Art Nouveau Era

The Art Nouveau designers drew their inspiration from Nature and organic forms.  This rare swivel locket is made from 9ct yellow gold and features stylized image of an Iris flower – a popular motif – crafted in relief with a textured effect to the gold background within a flowing organic border.   The ancient Greek Goddess Iris materialized as a rainbow – often believed to be the link between Heaven and Earth.  The locket was made in Birmingham in 1901 – just into the Edwardian period, it is in superb original condition and is unusual in design as the cover swivels open to reveal the treasured contents within; rather than the more usual hinged style lockets.  A genuine piece from the Art Nouveau era!

A Work Of Art

How many of us are privileged enough to boast that we own a true Work of Art?  We may not all be in a position to own a Leonardo or a David Hockney but we may be able to acquire a piece of jewellery that is arguably just as unique and beautiful.

In the antique  jewellery world; hand crafted items form individual and unique pieces which may be considered to be one off works of Art – gems may be carved such as Mother of Pearl, Jade and Coral, Micromosaics, Shell and hardstone Cameos, hand painted miniatures often set as lockets or pendants.

A ‘Cameo’ might be carved from a shell, coral, Mother of pearl or even a hardstone such as Agate and where the artist cuts away layers at differing depths to reveal colours as well as relief  in their design.  In shell Cameos -often the brown Helmet shell or the pink Conch shell –  popular subjects include the portrait profile, religious or classical scenes – even landscape scenes – popular souvenirs from the time of the Grand Tour.  Some Cameo carvings exhibit a tremendous level of detail and intricacy – some are even signed by the artist!

Micromosaics are enjoying a revival of interest with a growing number of collectors.  Literally made from tiny fragments (tesserae) of glass, marble or coloured stone, they are painstakingly assembled to form pictures of landscapes, world monuments, flora and fauna etc and then set into jewellery – often gold as brooches, pendants and rings.  The Grand Tour 17-19th Century saw the widest proliferation of these amazing objets d’art – Roman monuments in particular are popular subjects especially after the discovery of ruins at Pompeii and Herculaneum in 1738.

Miniatures –  perfect little paintings produced by very skilled artists and again set into jewellery-are often further embellished with coloured vitreous enamels, pearls or even gemstones.  They are usually painted onto small porcelain plaques, many are signed and exhibit superb detail in their craft.

At D J Massey we have a curio cabinet filled to bursting with examples of antique and vintage jewellery items – representing a bygone era when jewellery making was literally an artform.

A Bygone Era

At D J Massey & Son we specialize in unusual and interesting antique and vintage jewellery and curios, offering you the opportunity to purchase a wholly individual and unique piece.

Come and view our mesmerizing array of Victorian and Edwardian jewels – luxuriant rich wine red garnets, vivid opals, diamond set early wristwatches, rose gold chains and bracelets, intricate filigree work and seed pearl set rings and pendants.

The Arts and Crafts movement is represented by simple natural  motifs incorporated into brooches and necklaces often with more unusual gemstones such as Moonstone, Corals and Peridots.

Baroque pearls – individual organic gems-whose shape and characteristics inspired the jeweller to create one off design themes such as birds and animals where the pearl forms the body of the animal.

Top quality carved Shell and Coral Cameos, Micromosaic and miniature painting – unique works of art that can be worn as a jewel!

Enamelling techniques go back to ancient times and feature in many of our antique jewels and showcase the skills required to apply these in a myriad of colours.  Enamels also feature on silver bowls and teaspoons, compacts and card cases.

Please feel welcome to call in and be enthralled by our varied selection which we have amassed over decades and relive the nostalgia of a bygone era!


Aquamarine – the Water of the Sea and March’s birthstone

As we enter March and the beginning of Spring; the associated gemstone is the beautiful blue/green Beryl: Aquamarine literally meaning the Water of the Sea.  In ancient times Romans, Greeks and Egyptians considered this to be a symbol of happiness and ever lasting youth.  It was also believed to be a talisman to protect seafarers and prevent seasickness, some believed it to be an antidote to poison and others felt it reawakened love between married couples!

Aquamarine is usually a clear, inclusion free gem which is odd as the more popular gem in the Beryl group: Emerald is seldom seen without inclusions!  Aquamarine occurs widely: from Brazil, Columbia and some regions of the USA to Zambia, Kenya, Russia and Pakistan.  The rarest and most highly prized colour is deep blue.   Pale blue/green varieties can be subject to heat treatment to remove the greenish tinge though others find this tint appealing.   Aquamarine is favoured by designers and some is carved ornamentally.

In 1910 in Minas Gerais, Brazil a 110 kilo whoppa was unearthed.  This legendary gem was expertly hand carved by Bernd Munsteiner – a famous gem cutter from Idar Oberstein creating the now famous Dom Pedro Aquamarine Obelisk which is exhibited in the Smithsonian in Washington.  Such an onerous task; Munsteiner took six months just to study the project before he started work.  Known for his Fantasy Cut gems;  he applied ‘negative facets’ to the reverse of the obelisk to allow the interior to light up dramatically.  He named it Ondas Maritimas (Waves of the Sea) – it weighs an astounding 10, 363 carats!

Other famous Aquamarines include the ‘Brazilian Tiara’ gifted to Queen Elizabeth II on her coronation and a 1,298ct loose gem acquired by Eleanor Roosevelt in 1936.

At D J Massey we have many items of jewellery set with Aquamarine including silver pieces by Georg Jensen, pendants set in white gold, earrings, brooches and rings – we even have loose gemstones which you can select and design personally.

Cobra -a design icon of Georg Jensen Living

The German designer Constantin Wortmann who studied in Munich collaborated with Georg Jensen to create a range of simply beautiful objects for the home – part of their ‘Living’ range.  Cobra has become a modern design icon and features in a range of objects such as carafes, pitchers, glasses and bowls with perhaps the most popular being the range of candleholders produced in brushed steel or skillfully plated in yellow or rose gold.  Bold, organic  – even sensual shapes- the Cobra designs reflect the functionality of the piece – its intended practical use or purpose outweighing any unnecessary ornamentation.  This is a fundamental of the C20th design movement known as Functionalism which appeared towards the end of WW2 and focused on the clarity and simplicity of design,  its unobtrusiveness and its utilitarian application.  Wortmann is an exponent of this ideal and his Cobra designs embody this elemental lack of complexity.  The candleholders are available in 3 sizes; they can be mix and matched or can be placed together as a graduated group. The floor standing size looks magnificent on a hearth whereas the smaller sizes suit the dinner table and add an elegance typical of Georg Jensen.  Prices start from £58.00

Sweethearts and Lovehearts

With St Valentine’s Day fast approaching; thoughts turn to romantically themed gifts for our loved ones.  The loveheart is a symbol of devotion and passion and has been used for centuries to express feelings of romantic or eternal love.

Long before the more familiar image we see today on Valentine’s Day Cards and shaped chocolate boxes;  red hearts featured on playing cards as far back as the the Fifteenth Century and early Medieval depictions include  heart shaped leaves such as Ivy and Fig and roughly heart shaped objects such as pine cones and pears!   It’s all a long way from the modern day ideograph and emoji we know today!

The Sacred  Heart in religious images symbolizes everlasting love and a pierced heart has associations with Cupid and the lover’s dart – the spell cast over smitten lovers.

As a design motif in jewellery; the heart is ever popular and has a pleasing symmetry as well as conveying this special symbolic meaning.  At D J Massey we have heart shaped lockets in silver or gold, heart shaped Designer silver pendants, diamond set pendants and earrings, cuff links, hearts shaped gemstones (ruby and garnet) and even a heart cut diamond solitaire ring set in platinum – what better way to say I Love You?

Turn Clutter into Cash!

Is it about time to have a bit of a sort out at home and make yourself some money in the process?  You could unwittingly be sitting on a little fortune with current gold prices reaching close to the dizzy heights of a few years ago.   Why not check through your drawers and boxes and select any unloved, forgotten or even broken jewellery items to dispose of – then bring these into us for a free appraisal and turn these into cash on the spot with no commissions to pay!  Just mention this blog and receive the top rates for your gold, silver and coins.

We are always pleased to appraise quality and luxury brand watches  – for which we always offer a premium -as well as vintage gold watches, Sovereigns, silverware, antique diamond and gemstone jewellery.  Why not call in today to find out how much cash you could raise?

Lalique Inspiration

Rene Lalique famously drew inspiration for his celebrated designs from what might be referred to as the 3 Rs: The Female Form; Flora & Fauna.  Known particularly for his unique perfume bottles, vases and car mascots; Lalique now produce ornamental pieces in crystal: some plain, some frosted (produced via the application of acids) and coloured pieces – the red and gold being particularly prized.

Christmas is the perfect season to pick out a little piece of luxury for someone special and at D J Massey we have a range of figurines, vases, bowls, candle holders, wine glasses and carafe,  paperweights, perfume bottles, clocks and mascots to choose from.  Our range of figurines includes the human form – the classic nude study entitled Venus priced at £260 and  delightful Fairy seals priced at £150.  Golden lion cub twins are priced at £525 and a range of animals including rabbits, owls, cats, elephants, tortoise, panda etc with prices ranging from £150-£695.  Decorative bowls start from just £120, bud vases at £190 and smaller decorative ornaments such as the anemone just £75 and angel fish just £65 are available in a wide range of colours.

Lalique items are gift boxed and wrapped for you with special Lalique ribbon for that extra touch.

The Timeless Allure of Pearls

The Ama were female pearl divers from Japan renowned for their exceptional ability to hold their breath over prolonged periods allowing them to freedive down to the sea bed to tend and harvest oysters.

Nowadays we don’t have to risk life and limb to enjoy beautiful gems such as these.  Today we rely on production techniques which began in the 1890s/1900s with the Japanese industry pioneer K. Mikimoto who devoted his life’s work to the cultivation of pearl oysters  – these we now refer to as ‘cultured pearls’.  Indeed a cultured pearl might be said to be a gem resulting from human interaction with Nature!

At D J Massey we stock a comprehensive range from the classic strand of pearls, ever popular stud earrings to dress rings and designer silver rings, bangles and earrings- prices start from £65.  We have an exceptional row of Tahitian black pearls measuring upto 12mm with a diamond set white gold clasp at a pre owned price of £3800 and a one off row of perfect Hanadama rated pearls with the shiniest lustre you ever saw – priced at £2995.00.  We have pearl earrings on hook fasteners, or set with diamonds, drop designs in the palest shade of pink, golden pearl studs, rows of pink and multicoloured pearls – even pearls inset into gold chain.  Their appeal is endless; their allure is timeless!

Get that magic sparkle for Christmas!

We are all starting to think about presents for that special person in our lives – one of the most popular choices at Christmas is earrings.  Whether your ears are pierced or not; at DJ Massey & Son we have a very broad and comprehensive range from plain silver to diamond cluster designs so why not pop in and take a look.  We offer dressy gold studs and hoops in yellow, white or rose gold – even two tone!

The Danish designer Georg Jensen produces a range of earrings for either pierced or non pierced ears – in fact this company are known for offering ever changing designs with clip fastenings that are secure and comfortable to wear so if you have been put off clip ons which pinch and spend most of their time in your handbag when you are out celebrating – then call in and try these out !

At D J Massey we offer a range of classic diamond stud earrings – pre owned items represent exceptional value for money whilst our new range start from £465.00.  Our choice of gem set designs include opal, sapphire, ruby, emerald, citrine, aquamarine and many more.   If you need inspiration,  just check out the respective gemstone for the month your loved one was born and hey presto: the choice is made for you.  Pearl studs – yes we even have non pierced versions of these! – are a classic choice and look sophisticated always.  We offer pearls set on 9ct or 18ct gold (white or yellow) to cater for different budgets and those of you more prone to allergy. Prices start from just £65.

Designer brands such as Georg Jensen offer a huge selection of designs with their more traditional range: Heritage with oxidised finishes and unusual translucent gems  or their more cutting edge contemporary styles in both sterling silver and 18ct gold.  Nicole Barr produces an exquisite range of nature inspired designs in 18ct gold with delicate pastel enamels in the form of butterflies and dragonflies.

Why not call in early to browse and steal a march on the Christmas crush?

A Christmas to treasure!

Every year Danish Design Co Georg Jensen issue a range of Christmas decorations to celebrate the festive season.  Some of us are already thinking about our decor theme for 2018 and our tree-so why not complement your decorations by adding some special ‘precious’ sparkle this year?  ‘Precious’ because Georg Jensen actually plate their decorations in either 18ct gold or the precious white metal: Palladium which gives a top quality robust finish that will keep on looking fantastic year after year.  Chose from a Christmas bell (which actually tinkles) in gold or silver tones – this has the year engraved too!  Perhaps mark the event if a special addition to your family has arrived this year?  Or we offer a special edition 3D star tree topper in 2 different sizes and colours.  Or perhaps a boxed set of 2 solid distinctive tree decorations featuring a robin and an acorn to delight the children?   Silver pine cones and golden baubles.  If you are stuck for a gift; there is a beautiful set of 3 tree decorations: heart, bauble and bell – ready gift boxed for you to send to a loved one for a Christmas to cherish.  Prices start at just £20 – stock is limited so hurry!

Can’t think of anything you’d like for Christmas this year?

When you’re next asked ‘What do you want for Christmas this year? and you’re stuck for ideas; why not consider having your ring remodeled and updated?

DJ Massey offer a design service and can assist with advice and suggestions to create the perfect new look.  Rose gold – most definitely on trend just now -can lend a warm rich tone and can completely transform the appearance of a diamond solitaire or cluster.  Why not add some smaller diamonds to your existing solitaire and create a modern ‘Halo’ design – a very popular choice where smaller stones surround a centre diamond, enhancing the overall impact -available in yellow, white or rose gold or platinum.  Or add smaller diamonds into the band or shoulders to lend more brilliance to a plain setting.

Unsure exactly what to do with that old ring left to you by a relative?  Call in and speak to our expert sales team who can show you an extensive range of different settings and mounts to update this into something you will want to wear always.  Do you have a beautiful brooch that lives in a drawer and never sees the light of day?  We can advise how to convert this into a new piece of jewellery that you can wear and enjoy day in, day out.  Even an unwanted old solitaire ring can be transformed into a delightful and dazzling new diamond pendant-get ready to sparkle for the festive season fast approaching.

The Highest Accolade!

When it comes to cultured pearls; the epithet Aurora Hanadama represents the very rarest quality of lustrous Akoya pearls and is a category rating applied to only the very choice few which exhibit the characteristic dazzling  irridescent appearance.  The Pearl Science Laboratory – based in Tokyo-is a forerunner in the examination and appraisal of top quality cultured Akoya pearls, (Akoya refers to the variety of mollusc which produces the pearl).  Pearls are subject to in depth analysis via optical fibre and x ray techniques to ascertain the nature of the nucleus of the pearl and the depth of ‘nacre’ – the bright surface of the pearl itself – this is the element which adds that special mirror like gleam.

At D J Massey we are proud to stock Hanadama rated pearls.  Our row of brilliant cream coloured 8-8.50mm perfectly round pearls are superlative in every way.  The lustre is so reflective you can see your own image looking right back at you – complete with an 18ct gold safety clasp; these pearls make the ultimate gift for that very very special person!

Things that go bump in the night…

At  D J Massey & Son we stock a comprehensive range of enameled silver cuff links by UK manufacturer :  Deakin & Francis – in fact it’s one of the largest displays in the UK.   Perfect for upcoming Hallowe’en parties; our range includes many creepy crawlies and ghoulish themes such as gargoyles, flying bats, poison bottles, Raven skulls  and gem set spiders lurking in their webs! – set with sparkly black spinels, these have ruby eyes and sit on rose gold plated webs.

The iconic skulls – some of our best selling designs – now feature in a range of ‘candy’ or day of the dead designs in vivid pink and green enamels; some have eyes which light up!  There are skulls with spotty bandanas, motorbike and flying helmets, rose gold plated skulls with top hats and even Mohican haircuts!  Our most popular cuff link features a silver skull with moving jaws which reveal glaring eyes set with diamonds!

We also have scary pirates with proper furry beards and numerous designs featuring the skull & crossbones motif – all lending a rather darker side to your Hallowe’en attire this year.



Hallowe’en, Jack O’Lanterns and Shooting Stars

Beyond the Autumn Equinox; the festival of Hallowe’en is traditionally associated with the colours of the Season – the vivid oranges of the pumpkin harvest; russet and amber tones reflect the turning foliage and smoky bonfires and; as we move inevitably towards Winter; the dark black starry ever lengthening skies.

Jack O’Lanterns – now usually carved from pumpkins – were originally Turnips!  In Irish folklore: Jack was tricked by the Devil and his soul was forced to wander in Purgatory with only a turnip and a hot coal thrown to him by the Devil to light his way.  Following the Potato Famine; Irish settlers moved to America where the folk tale flourished and the tradition continued but with the more plentiful pumpkin.

Orange gems include the Mexican Fire Opal – completely unlike the opaque precious light Opal from Australia – this variety is translucent, usually faceted and vivid orange.  Orange is also represented in the Garnet group – the Spessartine variety with the most desirable Mandarin hue found solely in Namibia.

Russet browns are picked out by another Garnet member – Hessonite – a Sepia or Tobacco tone with rich warmth and Ambers -ranging from Butterscotch to dark honey colours. Smoky Quartz conjures up the Autumnal season with woody earthy tones.  Tiger’s Eye – a golden brown form of Quartz has iridescent stripes which display a remarkable Cat’s Eye effect, reminiscent of the superstitions and beliefs surrounding black cats as well as the low angle of sunlight we encounter at this time of year.

The Pagans believed that the colour black represented the end or Death of Summer.  Black cats, bats, and spiders are all linked with the festival.  Superstition held that Crones (often depicted dressed in black garb) collected the souls of the departed in their large black cauldrons.  Dark black skies were brightened by Pagan bonfires. Like sparks; Fire – the coloured dispersion of light – can be seen in Diamonds – especially those with high clarity grading – their sparkle – like shooting stars might be said to light up the dark!  Other black gems include Sapphires, Melanite Garnets, Onyx, Jade and organic gems such as Coral and Jet.

“Man’s Best Friend”

The UK are known as a nation of dog lovers – from hunky Newfoundlands to teeny Chihuahuas-we share our lives with these faithful and affectionate hounds of all shapes and sizes.

Our range of Deakin and Francis sterling silver cufflinks are UK made and includes a selection of  21 popular breeds of dogs each set with precious sapphire cabochon eyes. Every pair sold generates a 10% charitable donation to the Dog’s Trust.

The full range includes;- Boxer, Bulldog, French Bulldog, Border Terrier, Beagle, Chihuahua, Corgi, Dachshund, Dalmatian, English Bull Terrier, German Shepherd, Jack Russell, King Charles’ Spaniel, Labrador, Spaniel, Schnauzer, Retriever, Pug, Shih Tzu, Hungarian Vizsla and West Highland Terrier.

Cufflinks are supplied gift boxed and are guaranteed for Life – they make the perfect gift for any dog lover and you are supporting a worthwhile charity at the same time!

“A Glimpse of Daylight”

A dazzling array of coloured enamels evoking the Art Nouveau movement feature in our jewellery from Designer Nicole Barr.  Specially commissioned for D J Massey in 18ct gold, our range of delightful pendants and shimmering earrings include a flying bat with a precious dark Tahitian Pearl body, tremulous dragonfly pendants and earrings in a multitude of greens and blues, ephemeral butterflies in oranges and golds, a golden bumble bee set with Citrines cabochons and a South Sea Pearl, a Seahorse with his tail wrapped delicately around a precious pearl and many other fanciful designs.

The Art of vitreous enameling  – essentially the application of  coloured glass to precious metals – goes back as far as Ancient Egypt and has been practised over the centuries.  The highly skilled superior technique of enameling known as Plique a Jour which translates as  a ‘glimpse of daylight’; comprises layers of enamel artfully suspended between gold wires in a process not unlike stained glass.  This lends a translucent quality to the colours and adds particular appeal to these delicate exquisite jewels.

Valentine’s Day Fast Approaching

San Valentino di Terni  – the 3rd Century Roman Saint – is associated with the medieval concept of courtly love – often demonstrated by nobles and knights who performed brave and chivalrous acts in order to win the approval of their ladylove.

Centuries later:  Nothing much has changed!   On St Valentine’s Day  lovers and couples celebrate their devotion to each other with tokens of esteem.  Happily these days that does not involve the slaying of dragons and suchlike; much simpler to pop into D J Massey and pick out something sparkly!

Danish Jewellery Designer Georg Jensen offer a range of love heart shaped pendants in sterling silver – perfect for such an occasion- with prices starting at just £125.00.  One design features 2 equal sized hearts which slide together to form a single heart-ideal for the romantically inclined.

For an extra special treat; why not browse our extensive range of diamond set eternity rings? – a symbol of unending love and commitment between two people – a hugely popular choice for this time of the year.

Deakin and Francis  have introduced new sterling silver cuff link designs for 2018 featuring love hearts, two peas in a pod and many other individual novelty designs – come and take a look!

Looking for that perfect ring..?

At D.J Massey & Son we make all our own diamond engagement rings, sourcing top quality rare white diamonds and selecting the most complementary mounts in platinum; 18ct yellow, white or rose gold to best show these off.  Our expert team are on hand to assist you in selecting the most appropriate style and setting for you with prices starting from under £1000.00

Every new solitaire ring is accompanied by an independently prepared diamond certificate – your guarantee of quality which attributes a grading relating to the colour (or in fact that should be lack of colour) as well as clarity and the precision of the cut of your chosen diamond.  We can even arrange for you to chose your very own individual diamond from a selection of quality gemstones and have a mount made to your own personal bespoke specification.  Chose from round brilliant cut; emerald cut; princess cut; radiant cut or the fancier shapes such as heart and pear.  We can even source the rarest fancy coloured diamonds if you are looking for something different.

As part of our ongoing commitment to our customers; D J Massey offer a complimentary cleaning and polishing service – keeping your special jewels lustrous and in tip top condition and whenever you have a special occasion approaching and need your gems to gleam!

‘Tis the Season to be thinking about gifts

It’s rapidly approaching that time of the year when our thoughts turn to choosing gifts for loved ones and friends.  The men in our life are often the trickiest to buy for but here at D J Massey & Son we have a wide range of smart giftware from Danish Designer Georg Jensen including cuff links, leather wallets, pens, money clips and keyrings with prices starting at just £27.00!  Georg Jensen have long been associated with top quality and often very collectible products – whether it be jewellery, homeware or giftware items.  New products just in include sterling silver money clips with iconic classic designs priced at £150 and a wine lover’s gift set with pourer, bottle opener and bottle stopper at £110.  We also stock superb leather wallets and smart sterling silver desk pens from  £240.00 or more unusual gifts such as a sterling silver magnifying glass and – for the person who has everything; a Champagne sabre!   We offer a select range of jewellery for men by Georg Jensen such as silver cuff links including the popular Infinity, Frog and Sphere designs as well as the ‘Smithy’ range which includes a gents’ bangle, signet ring and dog tag pendant – with a hammered finish – echoing the Arts & Crafts movement.  A sleek Cross and chain and a range of silver rings for men are just some of the smart gifts we have an offer this season.

For the ladies Georg Jensen offers a very broad range of jewellery items in both sterling silver and 18ct gold.  The ever popular Fusion ring range continues to grow with additional gem set sections to add into the Flagship ‘jigsaw’ design; new inserts available now include rubies, sapphires and green tsavorite garnets.  Rose gold features too with designs such as Moonlight Grapes  – a necklace and ultra fashionable ear cuffs.   Sleek modern lines define the new Marcia range for ladies- available in both plain sterling silver and diamond set silver – including bangles, earrings, pendant and rings. The Classic Heritage range are set with Moonstones, Black Onyx and Sodalite.  Gifts for younger family members and friends may be chosen from the more affordable Aria range including necklaces, rings and earrings: prices starting at just £95.

The Living giftware range offers more ideas: stylish ‘Cobra’ candleabra, the Helena tea infuser, decorative vases and dishes and a range of lustrous sterling silver photo frames.

Don’t forget for that extra little gift :  Georg Jensen’s special edition gold plated Christmas decorations for 2017 – Gabriel – the perfect gift for the festive season!

Treacle Town

Macclesfield’s ‘Treacle Market takes place once again this Sunday 29th with an array of stalls to visit in and around the Market Place.  D J Massey & Son will be open 10.30-3.30pm to allow shoppers a chance to browse – perhaps you are looking for that perfect piece of jewellery for someone special in your life or thinking ahead of gifts for the festive season! Come and visit our showrooms at 34 Market Place to view the widest range of jewellery and giftware  on sale locally.  Take a look at our certificated diamond rings: solitaires, halo and eternity designs, we offer platinum, 18ct white, yellow & rose gold settings – both new and pre owned.  We have an extensive range of gem set rings – pearls, opals, sapphires, rubies and emeralds, gold chains and bracelets, diamond stud earrings, sterling silver jewellery from Danish designer Georg Jensen, crystal by Lalique and a huge range of enameled cuff links by UK Designers Deakin & Francis.

Services on offer include cash sale appraisals, all types of written valuations, jewellery repairs, ring remodelling, ring cleaning, rhodium plating, watch batteries and ear piercing.  Phone us on 01625 422094 for more information or to arrange a private appointment.

October is for Opal

October’s birthstone is the highly individual Opal- from the Greek Opallos meaning to see a change of colour.  Opalescence is the ability of a stone to scatter and disperse light which affects the colour we perceive.   The Romans prized Opal above all other gems because of its fiery play of colour which they felt was a very mysterious almost magical property.

Unlike most gemstones which have a crystalline formation; Opal forms as an amorphous substance – deposits accumulate layer upon layer.  Opal is largely composed of Silica and occurs in host rocks such as sandstone and ironstone.

Highly coloured and valuable opals are produced in Australia with distinct varieties specific to different regions such as S. Australia where top quality precious light opals are mined in hot dry zones such as Coober Pedy and Andamooka.  These are characterized by their light often creamy body tone and can occur with very attractive pink/peachy tones.

In New South Wales the rare and highly prized black opals are found which have a darker body tone – often a deep blue.

Tropical Queensland is known for its vivid blue/green ‘boulder opals’ – usually cut as ‘freeforms’ : a rough oval or pear shape often with a slice of the host rock (Ironstone) visible to the base.  Boulders are also regularly seen as ‘composite’ stones – doublets or triplets which effectively have a natural gem veneer adhered to a base of other material, distinguishable by a perfectly straight juncture

In recent times Hydrophane or ‘Water Opals’ from Welo in Ethiopia are appearing on the market – bright vivid gems often fashioned into cabochons or ‘rondelles’ for beads -truly lovely gems with an appealing translucency.

Any superstitions associated with Opal are due entirely to a work of fiction by Sir Walter Scott and should not prevent you from taking a closer look at these beautiful gemstones.  Be aware however that there is a great amount of reconstituted or synthetic opal available on the market today; if in doubt; come and talk to one of our expert salesteam.


September Birthstone: Sapphire


The traditional birthstone for the month of September is the stunning sapphire.

A form of the mineral Corundum; sapphires occur in most colours: green, blue, pink, purple, yellow, orange and colourless. The most commonly known (and perhaps the most popular colour of Sapphire) is a rich inky blue although some people prefer very dark blue (almost black) and others prefer lighter shades which used to be known as ‘Ceylon’ sapphire.  Corundum Group also includes Ruby which is essentially the same mineral.

More unusual varieties of Sapphire gems include the Padparascha ( A Sinhalese word for Lotus Flower or Nelumbo – the sacred waterlily  flower) with a lovely orangey-pink hue. Others include the Parti sapphires (from Australia) which feature split colour zones – green/blue, green/yellow.  Also growing in popularity are the Songea Sapphires from Tanzania often in very attractive rich orange and golden yellow tones.

Another fascinating variety of sapphire where layers within the mineral’s interior form a phenomenon called Asterism, an effect resembling a star which forms across the top of the stone, known as a Star Sapphire.

Treacle Market This Weekend!

It’s that time again! The Treacle Market is back on this bank holiday weekend in Macclesfield Town Centre.

The market is open this Sunday 27th August from 10am to 3.30pm, so why not stop buy and see us?

There is a huge range of stalls, selling everything from produce, food and crafts, and then there’s us! We’ll be there with our antiques and collectibles stall with lots of interesting items for sale.

Our shop premises will also be open, so do pop in and see us for any other jewellery related services, appraisals and valuations. We also offer a 1 hour rhodium plating service, the perfect opportunity for you to browse all that the Treacle Market has to offer while we take care of your jewellery.

You can find out more about the Treacle Market here, we look forward to seeing you there!



6 Jewellery Trends For Summer 2017

We’ve rounded up the 6 biggest trends in jewellery for this season…

Statement Necklaces

Big and bold is the trend for necklaces and pendants this summer. We are still seeing a trend for chokers, but this is a comeback for the long necklace – layer them up to make an even bolder statement, the bigger the better!

Minerals and raw stones

This season on the catwalk we have seen a lot of jewellery featuring raw stones and uncut minerals. Forget polished gemstones, this is a more edgy look with bigger stones, jagged edges and mineral slices making a big impact.

Arm cuff

The arm cuff is the on-trend way to wear bracelets this summer. This is another bold trend, focusing on layering up statement pieces and graphic shapes that really stand out.


Yes, the choker trend is here to stay! We said that the trend for long necklaces was big and bold, but when it comes to chokers the style we are seeing on the catwalks is super fine and more subtle. The trend for thicker ribbon chokers has passed and in are the finer chains and slim fabric chokers.

Ear cuff

This season is all about the cuff! Once again, this features bold graphic shapes to really make a statement with your earpiece. Think futuristic shapes and graphic style.

Single earrings

We’ve seen a lot of designers including a single, oversized earring in shows this summer. To maximise impact, the trend was for a shoulder-skimming statement piece in gold or fabric.

August Flame, August Moon


The month of August conjures up romantic phrases : August Flame, August Moon.

This brings to mind two really beautiful gemstones:

For August Flame we have the Fire Opal – among the richest orange hues in the world of gems.  Fire opals do not resemble their better know opaque precious light opal varieties such as those from S. Australia; by contrast they are a vivid bold orange and translucent – almost like an orange sapphire! Top quality stones come from Brazil and whilst they are not among the most expensive of gems; they hold an individual and unique beauty all of their own.

Moonstone is a remarkable Feldspar mineral with an almost ghostly sheen caused by light interacting with the layered structure within the gem’s centre.  The technical term for this phenomenon is Adularescence but is also known by the German word ‘Schiller’.

This gem is most notorious as a result of Wilkie Collins’ novel of the same name – the irony being that the ‘Moonstone’ in the novel is actually a fancy yellow diamond!

Moonstone is most commonly cut en cabochon – ie without facets; just shaped into round or oval hemispheres.  Good size specimens are rarely seen -more likely;  you might come across a commoner gem cleverly marketed as ‘Rainbow Moonstone’ which is actually Labradorite.


August Birthstone: Peridot

The traditional birthstone associated with August birthdays is the Peridot.

Peridots are commonly found in a pale shade of lime green, but can range from the more yellowish hue to olive or darker green. It is often referred to as the “poor man’s emerald” due to it’s similarity in colour, although this gem is absolutely beautiful in it’s own right!

Pronounced pear-a-doe, the word Peridot has its origins in the Greek word ‘faridat’ which means ‘gem’.

The gemstone is thought to bring prosperity and growth, and is associated with the characteristics of dignity, truth and protection.


Ever wondered why we refer to 22ct gold for example? Or a 1 carat diamond? Odd how we use the same word for both gemstones and for purity of gold!

Well in the US they differentiate between the two. You see Carat written with a C which refers to gemstone weight and Karat written with a K which refers to gold purity. In English we don’t make that distinction which can cause some confusion! Allow me to clarify…

Ever been into your local health food store and seen Carob coated raisins? The Carob tree – grown in Southern Europe and across the Middle East – produces a seedpod (also known as the Locust bean) which contains beans of a remarkably uniform weight. In ancient times these beans were used as a standard against which small items of high value such as gold, precious stones and spices were all weighed and traded.

Hence the word carat came into being as a derivation of the word Carob. So it is a crop as such, but not the carrots you grown down at the allotment!

Macclesfield is Treacle Town

Macclesfield is also known as Treacle Town and every last Sunday of the month; D. J. Massey & son holds its monthly antique and collectibles stall with vintage jewellery and tableware items.

Our premises are open for sales and jewellery related services such as ring polishing, 1 hr rhodium plating and free appraisal for items you may wish to sell. Come and enjoy a glass of champagne with us at the next Treacle Market!

Find out when the next Treacle Market is taking place. Visit:

May – Emerald Birthstone


May’s birthstone by tradition is the Emerald – the green variety of precious Beryl.

Emeralds have been prized for centuries and have been extensively mined in Colombia – even the Inca people discovered their beauty as far back as the 1400s. Nowadays African stones from Zambia are beginning to rival Colombia; producing beautiful gems and now supply around a quarter of present day worldwide production.

June – Father’s Day

Don’t forget Pater – or as we call him: Dad – on the 18th day of June when we celebrate all aspects of Fatherhood.

Chose your extra special gift this year from our extensive range of cuff links by designers such as UK made Deakin & Francis and Danish designer Georg Jensen. Other suitable gifts include our exclusive collection of leather wallets and silver pens by Georg Jensen as well as signet rings, money clips and keyrings.