The Highest Accolade!

When it comes to cultured pearls; the epithet Aurora Hanadama represents the very rarest quality of lustrous Akoya pearls and is a category rating applied to only the very choice few which exhibit the characteristic dazzling  irridescent appearance.  The Pearl Science Laboratory – based in Tokyo-is a forerunner in the examination and appraisal of top quality cultured Akoya pearls, (Akoya refers to the variety of mollusc which produces the pearl).  Pearls are subject to in depth analysis via optical fibre and x ray techniques to ascertain the nature of the nucleus of the pearl and the depth of ‘nacre’ – the bright surface of the pearl itself – this is the element which adds that special mirror like gleam.

At D J Massey we are proud to stock Hanadama rated pearls.  Our row of brilliant cream coloured 8-8.50mm perfectly round pearls are superlative in every way.  The lustre is so reflective you can see your own image looking right back at you – complete with an 18ct gold safety clasp; these pearls make the ultimate gift for that very very special person!