Cobra -a design icon of Georg Jensen Living

The German designer Constantin Wortmann who studied in Munich collaborated with Georg Jensen to create a range of simply beautiful objects for the home – part of their ‘Living’ range.  Cobra has become a modern design icon and features in a range of objects such as carafes, pitchers, glasses and bowls with perhaps the most popular being the range of candleholders produced in brushed steel or skillfully plated in yellow or rose gold.  Bold, organic  – even sensual shapes- the Cobra designs reflect the functionality of the piece – its intended practical use or purpose outweighing any unnecessary ornamentation.  This is a fundamental of the C20th design movement known as Functionalism which appeared towards the end of WW2 and focused on the clarity and simplicity of design,  its unobtrusiveness and its utilitarian application.  Wortmann is an exponent of this ideal and his Cobra designs embody this elemental lack of complexity.  The candleholders are available in 3 sizes; they can be mix and matched or can be placed together as a graduated group. The floor standing size looks magnificent on a hearth whereas the smaller sizes suit the dinner table and add an elegance typical of Georg Jensen.  Prices start from £58.00