“A Glimpse of Daylight”

A dazzling array of coloured enamels evoking the Art Nouveau movement feature in our jewellery from Designer Nicole Barr.  Specially commissioned for D J Massey in 18ct gold, our range of delightful pendants and shimmering earrings include a flying bat with a precious dark Tahitian Pearl body, tremulous dragonfly pendants and earrings in a multitude of greens and blues, ephemeral butterflies in oranges and golds, a golden bumble bee set with Citrines cabochons and a South Sea Pearl, a Seahorse with his tail wrapped delicately around a precious pearl and many other fanciful designs.

The Art of vitreous enameling  – essentially the application of  coloured glass to precious metals – goes back as far as Ancient Egypt and has been practised over the centuries.  The highly skilled superior technique of enameling known as Plique a Jour which translates as  a ‘glimpse of daylight’; comprises layers of enamel artfully suspended between gold wires in a process not unlike stained glass.  This lends a translucent quality to the colours and adds particular appeal to these delicate exquisite jewels.