6 Jewellery Trends For Summer 2017

We’ve rounded up the 6 biggest trends in jewellery for this season…

Statement Necklaces

Big and bold is the trend for necklaces and pendants this summer. We are still seeing a trend for chokers, but this is a comeback for the long necklace – layer them up to make an even bolder statement, the bigger the better!

Minerals and raw stones

This season on the catwalk we have seen a lot of jewellery featuring raw stones and uncut minerals. Forget polished gemstones, this is a more edgy look with bigger stones, jagged edges and mineral slices making a big impact.

Arm cuff

The arm cuff is the on-trend way to wear bracelets this summer. This is another bold trend, focusing on layering up statement pieces and graphic shapes that really stand out.


Yes, the choker trend is here to stay! We said that the trend for long necklaces was big and bold, but when it comes to chokers the style we are seeing on the catwalks is super fine and more subtle. The trend for thicker ribbon chokers has passed and in are the finer chains and slim fabric chokers.

Ear cuff

This season is all about the cuff! Once again, this features bold graphic shapes to really make a statement with your earpiece. Think futuristic shapes and graphic style.

Single earrings

We’ve seen a lot of designers including a single, oversized earring in shows this summer. To maximise impact, the trend was for a shoulder-skimming statement piece in gold or fabric.