Sweethearts and Lovehearts

With St Valentine’s Day fast approaching; thoughts turn to romantically themed gifts for our loved ones.  The loveheart is a symbol of devotion and passion and has been used for centuries to express feelings of romantic or eternal love.

Long before the more familiar image we see today on Valentine’s Day Cards and shaped chocolate boxes;  red hearts featured on playing cards as far back as the the Fifteenth Century and early Medieval depictions include  heart shaped leaves such as Ivy and Fig and roughly heart shaped objects such as pine cones and pears!   It’s all a long way from the modern day ideograph and emoji we know today!

The Sacred  Heart in religious images symbolizes everlasting love and a pierced heart has associations with Cupid and the lover’s dart – the spell cast over smitten lovers.

As a design motif in jewellery; the heart is ever popular and has a pleasing symmetry as well as conveying this special symbolic meaning.  At D J Massey we have heart shaped lockets in silver or gold, heart shaped Designer silver pendants, diamond set pendants and earrings, cuff links, hearts shaped gemstones (ruby and garnet) and even a heart cut diamond solitaire ring set in platinum – what better way to say I Love You?