Sparkle, Fire & Brilliance

What makes a Diamond so sparkly?

What people refer to as ‘sparkle’ is a phenomenon produced by light passing through a diamond  – ‘Brilliance’ or brightness is due to white light being reflected back to the viewer and  Dispersion is where light splits into spectral colours – an effect known as ‘Fire’.  Diamonds act like miniature prisms and the quality of the cut  – perfect proportions, symmetry and polish all combine to maximize this desirable attribute, evident in the ever popular ’round brilliant cut’ which gives optimum ‘sparkle’

At D J Massey we stock a wide range of these classic cut diamonds as Solitaire engagement rings set in solid Platinum settings.  Our most competitively priced rings with stones ranging between a quarter carat to a third; start from only £995.00  – the majority are offered with independent certification .  We offer a free of charge ring cleaning to our customers, insurance valuation services and also substantive discounts when you return to purchase wedding bands – at D. J Massey you know you’re getting the best value for money and also the peace of mind of a dependable quality local after-sales service.